For those who are too young, taking a break, or maybe just aren’t currently imbibing, we do carry a selection of beverages including gourmet sodas and regional beverages. Plus, just like with any beer or wine, if you don’t see a favorite, ask us about it and we will see if we can track it down for you and place a special order for it! Here are a couple of the great beverages that we currently have in stock:

  • Sprecher Cream Soda: Given Five Stars by Five Star Soda, this is a standard-bearer in its category that is rich and creamy with big hits of vanilla and honey. This is all ready one that people buy cases of from us when we get delivers, so if it becomes your new favorite soda, we’d suggest ordering a case for yourself!
  • Wild Kombucha Elderberry: Mobtown Fermentation that makes this kombucha is based in Baltimore and makes approachable kombucha that supports the National Wildlife Federation! Their Elderberry is bright and flavorful with a nice tart kick. It’s so approachable, we even have four-year olds that have given it their seal of approval!
  • Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer: Birch beer is often a love it or hate it soda with little in between, but if you’re a fan, drink this one up! Boylan has crafted a soda rich in both birch and peppermint flavors with a hint of vanilla with really great carbonation! We are a fan and you will always find a couple of four packs in our fridge!
  • Mothervine 100% Blueberry Juice: Did you know … that blueberries are ranked to have the highest antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables, that consuming them is good for cognitive health, and that they are native to North America? Why not grab a bottle of juice … and maybe use it in a sparkling cocktail or not …

Don’t forget to check out our selection of meats, cheese, crackers, chocolates, and other snacks, both in the cooler and around the Shop!

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