It’s springtime and we are adding a bunch of new food and beverage items to the Shop! We can help you throw your next great party. Come in and check out these new items:

  • Scamps Toffee: “A decadent recipe and an eye for design. Brilliant ideas converged in 2011, and Scamps Toffee was born: luxe chocolate-dipped toffee handmade in our Ligonier (PA) kitchen and nestled into orange boxes with hot pink tissue. Our mischievous dog, Scamp, guards every iconic package; perfection for festive occasions, favors, gifts, and celebrating everyday grace. Scamps Toffee. One taste, you’re taken…” So, if you like toffee, we have both their dark and milk chocolate toffees in bag and boxes!
  • Pinky Up Chamomile Citrus Herbal Tea with Flowers: “Is stress weighing you down like a bag of hammers? Do you feel a cold coming on but don’t want to admit it? Let this zesty chamomile blend lift you up into emotional nirvana. Those deadlines can wait!” Naturally calorie and caffeine free, premium whole leaf herbal tea. 25 servings per tin!
  • Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup: This is a returning product, but is still great! Serve as a beautifully unique garnish in sparkling wine, where the flower sits in the bottom of the glass and as the bubbles stream off, the petals subtly unfurl. The flowers are fully edible and have a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavor. Better yet, when you’re done with the flowers, the syrup makes a fantastic grenadine!
  • Saxon Creamery Saxony Alpine Style: “This is a rich, full-body aged cheese with a creamy texture. It has sweet and nutty flavors reminiscent of Alpine Cheeses. Lingering Swiss notes make this a true Wisconsin original. Saxony is the perfect partner to soups, crackers and hearty breads. Saxony’s flavors play well with a range of foods – pair it with hot peppers, toast it on bread, and toss it in pasta salads. Its versatility lends itself to a mild red like Beaujolais cru, or a crisp, dry white like Sancerre. Saxony also plays well with beer with rich, malty lagers.”

Keep checking in for replenishments of Kingsbury Chocolates, WILD Kombucha, sodas, and more!

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