Should You Just Get A Keg?

Yes, we sell kegs! Yes, we deliver kegs! Stop by, drop us a line, and find our what we can get for your kegerator or event. Please note, we do not keep kegs on hand but special order what you want!

There are some things to consider before ordering a keg: how many people you’re planning to invite, how long they are going to be at your event, how much they drink, how many beers you want to offer, etc. But, kegs can offer great value and that fresh draft beer experience unlike no other.

How many people do I need to make it worth it?

We have an easy chart below for this question, but the most common keg we sell is a sixtel, which is 5.23 gallons of beer. That is about 53 12oz beers or 40 pints, which is just over two cases of beer.

Depending on what you are purchasing and how much variety you want, kegs are a great value with the cheapest half barrel kegs of domestic draft beers (and similar) being available for around $100. Craft beer kegs range is pricing but we the cheapest sixtels start at about $75.

What do you do with it once you have it?

Congrats! You’ve decided on a keg for your event. Now, get in touch with us to decide on which keg and give us a week to get it in stock. (In a pinch, we can get kegs with a quicker turnaround, but to get exactly what you want, give us a week.)

But, how are you going to keep it cold and serve it? Well, when you are ordering your keg, ask us if we have any jockey boxes available for rent!

We offer two-tap jockey boxes (with keg tapping equipment), tables, keg tubs, bus tubs, and other equipment to serve draft beer at your event. Please inquire for details and pricing.

Kegs comes in a number of sizes that are based on the barrel, the standard brewery measurement. Depending on the brewery (and country of of origin), beers are kegged in various sized containers. Please note that some breweries (or certain beers) may only be available in one size of keg.

Keg Sales Details:

As noted above, most kegs will be delivered to the Shop within one (1) week, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date on any keg before an order is placed and stock is confirmed by our distributors. We will confirm this during the ordering process, but until the final order is placed, availability and final delivery date may change.

There is a $30 (Thirty) deposit for every keg (regardless of size). Please remember that you are renting the keg and that you should return it 1) in a reasonable amount of time, 2) undamaged, and 3) with your receipt.

When you come to pickup the keg, you will need to present a valid form of ID confirming that you are at least 21 years of age. We will attached a keg sticker to each keg purchased and they should be intact when the kegs are returned. Upon return, kegs will be inspected and, if they have not been mishandled, abused or altered, your deposit will be returned. If keg deposits are charged to a credit or debit card, they can only be returned to the card to which they were charged.

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