Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia Sparkling Wine came out in it’s little pink can over a decade ago as one of the first canned wines, and it was lauded for it novelty! Today, canned wines are enthusiastically embraced by wine drinkers everywhere for their portability, sustainability, and innovation in delivering their favorite beverage in new locations. Between 2016 and 2017, the sales of canned wines have jumped from $6.4 million to $14.5 million, a whopping 125 percent surge.

“Providing this level of portability with just the right amount of wine makes it easy for today’s active consumer to enjoy their favorite beverage anywhere,” confirms Sherrie Rosenblatt, vice president of marketing and communications for CMI, the Can Manufacturers Institute. They are lightweight and infinitely recycleable. Cans are perfect for any outdoor occasion. No glass. They require no corkscrew. Perfect for the beach, the park, the boat, the pool, the golf course, camping, at a BBQ, and anywhere else that glass poses an issue.

But Dave McIntyre does point out an issue with cans, “here’s a conundrum: Cans are supposed to make wine more portable and informal, freeing us from the need to carry stemware everywhere. But apart from the novelty, it can also make wine less enjoyable.” So, take his advice, and, grab “the good stuff, take a sip from the can, then pour some into a glass.” It’s also the move that we recommend here at the Shop, because you don’t chug straight from the wine bottle either!

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