Charm City Raspberry Coconut Mead 4/12

A beachy and balanced combination of tart raspberry with a satisfying finish of smooth coconut for a bright, refreshing beverage.  6.9% abv.


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Charm City Meadworks was born from a love of beekeeping, water, and community. It is appropriate that we make a product made from only honey, yeast, and water. We brew exceptionally dry mead for everyday drinkability.

At Charm City Meadworks, we focus on light, dry, and refreshing beverages for everyday enjoyment. We believe the secret to spreading the word of mead is to start with a product where the reaction to the first taste is, “wow, I want more.”

We believe that mead should be able to stand on its own as a unique and awesome product, alongside beer, wine, and cider.

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4 pack of 12oz

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