Artemisia Thistle

From our former assistant manager, turned Virginia-based farmer/winemaker at Artemisia Farm and Vineyards.


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Artemisia Farm and Vineyard is a collaborative effort with other small farmers that produces a vast array of vegetables that values sustainability, biodiversity, culture and community. It is a partnership between Kelly, a former employee of the Shop, and Andrew.
Thistle is Virginia aromatized wine, thru-and-thru! It is a gently bitter infusion of cardoon, artichoke, thistle, peanuts, and roasted hazelnuts that’s closest comparison is as a Appalachian-riff on Cynar. It speaks of autumn and the harvest. Very limited. Unfined. Unfiltered.

Pair it with whiskeys of all types: Virginia ryes and Japanese whisky. Or, try it with some apple brandy. Serve up chilled or in these cocktails from the Artemisia Farm and Vineyards website:


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