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Repeal Day:

Today is Repeal Day! While December 5th is celebrated by few in this country, it is the only day that really has a connection with alcohol. It is the anniversary of the day the United States repealed the Eighteenth Amendment and gave us all the constitutional right to consume alcohol. Here are a few reasons why everyone should celebrate Repeal Day:prohibition-1

  1. We have the constitutional right to do so. How many forms of pleasure are guaranteed by the Constitution?  None, unless you really enjoy holding a firearm or speaking in public. We’re going to stick with alcohol.
  2. It’s at the right time. Conveniently located about halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at a time when we’re probably not with our families, the Fifth of December represents a great time to get together with friends and celebrate our constitutional rights.
  3. Repeal Day doesn’t exclude. Are you an American, or are you located in the United States? Congratulations, you’re invited to join our party!  Being French on Cinco de Mayo is about as cool as being British on the Fourth of July.  But December Fifth is a day that’s open to anyone!
  4. It’s easy!  There are no outfits to buy, costumes to rent, rivers to dye green.  Simply celebrate the day by stopping by your local bottle shop, bar, tavern, saloon, winery, distillery, or brewhouse and have a drink.  Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work.  Split a bottle of wine with a loved one. Guess what, you are doing it right!

For Repeal Day, we are offering double Belly Card points to members. If you haven’t gotten your card yet, grab you one the next time you are in the Shop or download the free app!

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