If you are known for throwing great parties or just like to have a bunch of friends over, you should kick your party up to the next level with a keg! While it can seem daunting to deal with so much beer, buying, tapping and serving craft beer from a keg is really pretty simple.

If you have a kegerator, which can be something as simple as a modified mini-fridge for one keg or a custom-built unit that holds several kegs, you can easily pop one in and go! Otherwise, you can always use a “party pump” and a tub of ice to keep the keg cold and beer flowing for your party. Or, we’d suggest, you can ask us about renting a jockey box to dispense your keg!

A keg is half a barrel of beer or 15.5 gallons or about 124 16-oz servings. So, if you are having a party with 40 people, everyone gets three drinks (which is about right for a two hour party). A sixtel is one-third of a keg and specialty beers often only come in this size. They equal 40 pints (or 2.2 cases of beer) and are perfect for smaller events. Also, remember that kegs are cheaper per serving than buying bottles or cans, especially when are throwing a party!

Give us a call about kegs or any of your event needs.

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