Sometimes it is just good to remind ourselves about all of the great resources here and elsewhere that help make us better wine and beer consumers. So here are some of our top resources that we use around the Shop:

  • Our Back Calendar: Don’t forget that our the old event pages are full of tasting notes and other goodies! Whether you are trying to find that red wine that you had from Bulgaria last week or that awesome Pinot Noir that you tasting with the winemaker, use the calendar and the search feature (located below) to browse the hundreds of tasting notes that we have written over the last couple of years!
  • Good Beer Hunting: We love how they cover beer! Their podcasts are awesome, the twitter feed keeps it real and cuts through the noise the Beer Twitter, and they even make it all look good, which is more than some other beer blog can do! Follow them, read their articles, and, if you really like it, join me in the Fervent Few.
  • The Feiring Line: We love our natural, organic, biodynamic, and raw wine here at the Shop and while we will always have something for everyone to drink, these are the things that we really crave … and, so does, Alice Feiring. She has written four books about the topic and has plenty to say in her newsletter and website. While it costs a few bucks for entry, it is more than worth the price!

While there are tons more, these are a couple that I constantly turn towards during my day!

This Week’s Schedule:

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