Rosé stands apart from all other wine styles in its breathtaking diversity of hues, tints, shades, and tones. A wine that is any color from nearly clear to sunflower yellow to purple can qualify as a rosé. The spectrum found in wines from all over the world is surprising and represent its startling diversity. Broadly speaking, northern nations such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria produce the palest rosés, while southern Europe—Italy, Greece, and Spain—make the darkest pink wines. In the United States, the color of the wines is a combination of the winemaker’s stylistic preference and the terrior.

Here at the Shop, we have a rotating selection of rosé that covers its many shades! From palest pink provencal to radiant Tempranillo, you can always find something that will strike your fancy on our shelves and in the fridge. Come check out some of our current favorites:

  • Clos Cibonne Cuvee Tradition: Clos Cibonne crafts a wine that is completely its own through combining a rare grape with a unique aging process. This is the rosé made from their younger vines but is still one of the best food wines around! It is aged on less under fleurette for 1 year in 100-year-old foudres, which add to its vibrant fruit notes an interesting savory/saline note. We save back vintages of this and you can get lucky at certain times of year in the Shop and snag an older vintage!
  • Isaac Fernandez Bovale Rose: Bobal is the second most planted red grape in Spain but it is not very well known here in the USA. That could change with rosado like this! Made from 100% Bobal from  40 year old vines grown at over 3000 feet of elevation, it is full of berries and has a big, juicy finish. Try it today with seafood or paella.
  • Le Paradou: This is one of the best looking bottles in the Shop and the wine inside doesn’t disappoint! Grab a bottle or two today for your next evening on the patio with friends …

If you can’t find these wines on our shelves, ask us what are our current favorite bottles, we love to share!

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