Here’s a list of tips for those just getting starting in wine or for those that are just getting serious about wine. These are some of the best advice that we give in the Shop and in regular life about how to enjoy and learn more about wine!

Tip #1: Wine is a learning experience!

Technically, wine is just fermented fruit juice but most wine is made with fermented grape juice. The difference between one bottle and another has to do with vintage, varietal, geography, and many other factors that go into the bottle. These simple variables go together to create thousands of different variations. To learn them you have to taste and read, explore and learn. In short, don’t stick with a single wine or type of wine because you feel safe!

Tip #2: Revisit your college days and take notes!

If you ever visit the Shop during the middle of the day, you will find us with glass in one hand and pen in other, taking notes about sometimes dozens of wines. We do this to help sort thru the thousands of wines that we taste every year and the tens of thousands that are on the market. For your personal needs, notes will help you hone your senses, find your preferred styles, and track your favorite producers. Whether you are old-fashioned like us or use an app, tasting notes should be useful to you and designed to jog your memory of the wine.

Tip #3: Invest in decent stemware!

Your wine will thank you for spending a little extra and upgrading to better glassware. You don’t need a bunch of different glasses, just one with a medium-sized bowl and a thin rim. Here are some great reviews of several price levels of glasses that really won’t break the bank.

Tips #4: Don’t be afraid to ask us questions!

Become our friends and ask us a question or two! Even if it is something outside our specific specialty, we will always try to find the answer for you. Attend tastings and ask the reps and winemakers questions before you purchase the wine. Ask us what we love to drink or have taken home recently, we are always happy to share great finds!

Tip #5: Keep your wine comfortable!

Your wine has been kept comfortable for its entire life before you buy it, please continue that treatment. Don’t leave it in a hot car or let it freeze. Don’t store it on top of the fridge, where heat and vibrations can wreak havoc. Store it in the coolest and darkest place possible, especially if you are planning on keeping a bottle for an extended period of time.

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