Most wine shops are set up in a similar fashion and the Crystal City Wine Shop has been setup like this since it has been opened, with the wines separated by region/country and by grape variety. We also have certain styles (bubbles, dessert, and fortified) in their own section for ease of browsing, but as the number of unique wines have increased at the Shop, this organization has started to show its limits. To help you identify those wines from new/different regions or from indigenous/hybrid/forgotten varietals, we are going to change the wine section up!


Over the next little while, the wine section will undergo a reorganization! The reds will undergo with most dramatic transformation with both clear regional and varietal sections disappearing … replaced with a spectrum of reds from the lightest-bodied wines to the fullest-bodied wines. For whites, the traditional wine sections will be replaced by style descriptors, such as Aromatic for Riesling, Torrontes, Muscat Blanc, and Malagousia or Bold & Dry for Oaky Chardonnay, Viognier, White Rioja, and White Rhone Blends.

During this process, we are also going to be adding sections for our Rose & Orange wines, plus moving many of your/our favorites, so please be patient! And, if you have any questions about the new layout, feel free to ask.

This Week’s Schedule:

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