Our mission is to be a neighborhood resource for all your wine, beer, and cider needs. A major part of that mission is our regular program of tastings that allow you to learn more about our selections, your palate, and the wide world of beer, wine, and cider. As a quick reminder, here is what you can expect from us in the coming year as part of that schedule of tastings and other programming!

Cider Tastings: On the second Tuesday of the month from 5-7p, we feature a wide range of local and international ciders! Stop by and expand your knowledge on what’s available in our ever-change Cider section. These tastings often feature local Virginia ciders, but we will often feature cideries from Spain, France, England, and other countries with long cidermaking traditions.

Beer Tastings: Every Thursday from 5-7p, the Shop features local, regional, or national craft brewers behind our tasting bar. Stop by to try their core brands, seasonal releases, and special brews! Also, we occasionally feature thematic tastings that hit on regions, styles, or seasonal beers.

Wine Tastings: Every Friday from 5-7p, the Shop welcomes representatives from our distributors, wineries, and importers to educate our customers about their wines. Drop in to explore the world of wine and maybe find a new favorite!

Staff Pick: Every Saturday from 2-6p is our Staff Pick tasting, where we feature a couple of products from the Shop’s shelves that we really enjoy! These tastings aren’t included on our email list, but you can find out what’s on the Tasting Bar by following us on Twitter or Facebook. It is normally a couple wines, but it could include beer, cider, or even mead …

Special Events: Often on Tuesdays or Saturdays (but could be any day of the week), we have Special Events to add something fun, unique, or interesting to our calendar! These could be a tasting with a winemaker or brewer. It could be a unique thematic tasting (we’ve done a couple this past year) or just something that we really want to share with you! Keep an eye out on our blog, emails, and calendar for more information on these!

We believe that the right wine, beer, or cider can improve any situation! And, one sip will tell you more about a wine than even 15 minutes of us telling you about it … so, stop by the tastings anytime, they are all free!

This Week’s Schedule:

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