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An initiative started by Weathered Souls in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily. It’s mission is to bridge the gap that’s been around for ages and provide a platform to show that the brewing community is an inclusive place for everyone of any color. Weathered Souls gives their part of the proceeds to theĀ Know Your Rights Campaign. As much as we want this to be about raising money, the real issue is bringing education and information, which will bring forth change to a system that has fractured so many families and has been broken for decades.

The beer, as they thought was appropriate, is a stout, as it is in the name of the initiative, Black is Beautiful. While this is their original beer, they have made the name and the recipe available for other breweries that wish to join the collaborative project. For more information about the project, check out the Black is Beautiful home page.

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