Utz Extra Thin Pretzels 1oz


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Our thin pretzels are everything you love about classic Utz® pretzels put into their thinnest, bite-sized form. Baked fresh and crisp, the delicious pretzel flavor, seasoned perfectly with salt, always comes through impeccably in Utz® Extra Thin Pretzels. They’re delicious by themselves or with your favorite dip. Our master bakers have perfected a special, two-part baking process, to ensure our pretzels are always fresh, crisp, and twice as delicious!
  • Enjoy Utz’s thinnest pretzels
  • Seasoned to perfection with salt
  • Two-part baking process gets pretzels impeccably crisp
  • Utz Thin Pretzels are perfect for dipping
  • Certified Kosher OU
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