If this was an open tournament, then the final would almost certainly be France versus Italy, but looking at wine from countries with teams playing in Russia now, Italy misses the cut! Also left out are wine heavyweights Chile, the USA, South Africa and New Zealand. Still, the defending football champions, Germany, are present as are at least 19 other countries with legitimate wine industries. Here are some selections from around the Shop to help you pair your wine with the matches …

  • Germany: Of course, if you choose a wine to represent Germany, it is Riesling and if you choose an estate, it might as well be one of the oldest. Schloss Vollrad has been making wine for roughly 800 years and with that amount of practice, you can make some special wines. Try their 2013 Spatlese for a lower alcohol and sweet taste of the Rheingau!
  • France: What do you pick from the all-star front line that France could field? Champagne? Bordeaux? Rhone? While we don’t always cheer for the underdog, this might be the time for it! Try Domaine A. et P. de Villaine Bouzeron 2014 for a taste of one of the most underrated grapes in all of France, Aligote! It’s White Burgundy that is not Chardonnay with a fruit and freshness that rivals the best wines of Chablis.
  • England: For England, we have to suggest that you dive head first into their burgeoning sparkling wine scene. These bottlings can stand toe-to-toe with grower Champagne and offer a glimpse of the future (since many Champagne Houses are investing in the English countryside with extensive vineyard holdings). Our recommendation: Balfour 1503 Dry Rose.
  • Portugal: Touriga Nacional is Portugal finest grape and it offers a profound depth of flavor at, often, obscene values! Honestly, it should have a place among the world’s great grapes and this unoaked treatment shows why! Grab a bottle of A Touriga vai Nua 2016 and enjoy a European heavyweight!
  • Spain: Here’s another country that has an embarrassment of riches! But, don’t sleep on sherry … it is one of the best food wines in the world and various sherries pair with everything from soup to chocolate cake. Come try a bottle of Electrico Fino en Rama D.O. Montilla-Moriles, it’s only 375ml …
  • Australia: Australia has nearly everything one could want in wine … big boys making old school high-end wines, fortified houses, natural wine makers, terrior-driven producers, diversity in styles, and more … unfortunately, for years that was overshadowed by cartoon animals on cheap wine. Today, you can find great wine like Yetti and the Kokonut B’rose 2017 that are fun, unique, and just plain awesome!
  • Argentina: Much like their team, Argentina has to combine their best efforts and enthusiasm to create unique wines that win on the world stage. Gran Enemigo 2010 is such a wine! From the youngest heir to the Catena winemaking tradition, Adrianna Catena, and Alejandro Vigil, this is a wine that’s beauty can be enjoyed while watching one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Of course, if you are partial to a country that didn’t make the World Cup, we can help you out! Just stop by and let us know what you are looking for …

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