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Valentine’s Day Picks:

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, of candlelit dinners, of chocolates shared in the moonlight, and plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings. On top of those, there is often a pressure to impress. Perhaps you need the right bubbly to help set the mood or the right Cabernet to impress the hubby! Whether you are just settling down to snuggle or trying to impress someone new, the perfect wine can do nothing but help!

Nothing says celebration like Champagne, but you don’t have to slap down big money for a great bottle! Try our Champagne Louis De Sacy Brut Rose Grand Cru in half bottles for a lovely option that is perfect if you only want to have a single glass per person. If you are looking for better value bubbles, look towards New Mexico: Gruet Sauvage (for dry bubble lovers) or Gruet Demi-Sec (for those who like their bubbles sweeter).

Are you going to be having oysters or scallops? Then try one of our great seafood friendly whites. From Southern France, try Le Jade Picpoul, its lip-smacking. If you want to buy American, we have two Melon de BourgogneLieu Dit Melon from California and Roots Melon de Bourgogne from the Willamette Valley. Two very different takes on the classic Loire wine, Muscadet, but from great independent American producers!

Now, for reds, we can offer a dozen suggestions to match anything that you want to serve, but here, let’s offer one because of love: Biggio Hamina Pinot Noir. Todd Hamina has over two decades of experience making ultra low intervention, unfiltered, fantastic wine in Oregon because he feel in love basically the day he moved there! He married that woman and has stayed there to make wine since then.

Plus, we have a great selection of new chocolate, candy, and other gourmet food items to help finish out your Valentine’s Day celebrations!


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