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Retsina: The Wine that Smells like Christmas Trees

Modern styles of retsina are crisp and herbal wines that are retsina lunchwildly unique both for use in wine cocktail
s and for pairing with food. ┬áToday’s retsinas are high-quality wines that have resin added to supply the aroma of the pine forest, not to cover bad wine. The flavors range from lavender and mint to menthol and turpentine, but are no more strident than the hops in many IPAs.

We now stock Gaia’s┬áRitinitis Nobilis, a great modern retsina, that is a far cry from the floor-cleaner scented, high-alcohol and oxidized versions that many people have tried in the past. It is a lovely, clean, and refreshing wine with herb and eucalyptus aromas that pair wonderfully with curried fish and chicken dishes or with fried seafood.

Come give retsina a first (or second) chance and discover a very old tradition anew!

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