We are having record-breaking heat and those heavy reds aren’t going to be refreshing in this weather! Now is the time to turn towards a lot of the white, pink, and orange wines that line our shelves …

For those that love to eat shellfish, may we suggest that you grab a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet, perfect value bottle of bright and crisp white. If you are looking for something a little more esoteric and rare, may be we suggest Lieu Dit Melon, think Loire Valley goes Coastal California. Another perfect match for all types of shellfish and grilled fish dishes that can also be enjoyed by itself on a sunny patio.

On the slightly rosier side of life, we have Yetti and the Kokonut B’Rose, which is Grenache-heavy rose from South Australia for the natural wine lovers! Also, this is the perfect time to show your love for some bubbles, and we have the best ones … Balfour Hush Heath Estate Brut Rose will serve your needs perfectly to toast a graduate or just a day at the beach.

For those willing to venture off the beaten track, we have a couple of unique wines. Desparada Fragment is a Sauvignon Blanc like none other! Aged in Acacia, unfined, and unfiltered, this is a fun bottle to just set and contemplate. Di Leonardo Gossip is a Pinot Grigio made in the traditional Ramato style that leaves each bottle looking like pure concentrated sunshine.

Escape the heat and explore our shelves for great summer options!

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