Have you been stuck in a rut all winter long? Do you gravitate to the same wines, beers, and ciders all the time? Well, now that we are heading towards summer, break out of your old habits and try something new!

Have you been drinking heavy stouts and porters all winter? Or juicy IPAs? Why not try something light and refreshing this summer? You can go very traditional and pick up a bottle of Hof ten Dormaal Saison! A very old school beer, lightly sour, brewed with only hops and grain, this is a beer brewed for those who work (or who watch others do the work). If you are looking for something a little less traditional, but still nice and light, try Left Hand Saison au Miel. A seasonal brew for them that is dry and crisp with a touch of honey sweetness to balance a hit of mild tartness. Finally, for those looking for something more experimental, try Schlafly’s Coconut Creme Ale! It is a blonde ale brewed with coconut puree and aged on toasted coconut. In typical Schlafly fashion, no extracts or flavoring agents were used, just tons of pure coconut.

Have you been hitting the Cabernet hard all winter long? Do you not venture far beyond the Chardonnay? Well, now that warmer weather is here, try something different! Looking for something with a little bubble, grab a bottle of Avinyo Petillant Blanc 2016! Or, if you love your Cabernet, have you had a white Cab? Try Albastrele Blanc de Cabernet 2013 for something really different. Do you love a mystery or like to play stump the expert? Then buy a bottle of 499 enigma. For those that love their pink, we have plenty of rose in stock in every shade! And, for those that still want red, try something unique like this Fiuza Premium Alicante Bouschet 2013 from Portugal!

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