*** A Note About Weather: Just like with previous snow storms, the Crystal City Wine Shop is going to attempt to be open normal hours during the inclement weather. For the most up-to-date information, please check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds. ***

This Week’s Schedule:

More About the Wine Dinner:

On Thursday, we are the retail partners with Del Ray Cafe, Elite Wines, and Domaine du Pas De L’Escalette for a great wine dinner to showcase these organic, nearly biodynamic wines, from the foothills of Larzac in the Languedoc. The 15 hectare vineyard is naturally irrigated and surrounded by biodiversity that allow the vines to be tended and nature to be respected. During the dinner, five wines from the Domaine will be served alongside a wonderful menu! The wines include a rosé from syrah and old-vine cinsault; their Les Clapas Blanc that is a blend of Carignan Blanc, Terret Bourret, and Granache Blanc; and three reds that showcase the variation of their grapes and terrior. Reserve your spot now to try the wines, enjoy great company & good food, and we will be there to help you bring these wines into your own home, if you love them!

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