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“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” – Robin Williams

As nature is wakening from its slumber, what better time to enjoy last year’s fruits in liquid form! There are tons of great fruit beers out currently, including a bunch of cherry beers in various styles. So, we are spoilt for choice and it allows you to find something that will fit your palate and budget easily. So, on to the beers …

  • Adroit Theory All I See Is Carrion Belgian Quad Ale with Tart Cherries: Their standard cool packaging wrapped around a beer that shows nice tart cherry notes through the sweetness of a quad. Limited edition of only 3000 bottles.
  • Smuttynose Cherry Short Weisse: The third entry in their canned Short Weisse series. A very refreshing beer that is perfect for the Cherry Blossom festival! From Smuttynose: “Smuttynose Short Weisse beers are made with a time consuming two-part fermentation process that happens in both the brewhouse and the fermenter. The first stage takes place in the kettle with a dose of our house lactobacillus, a bacteria that’s a key component in making yogurt and sour cream. The second phase takes place in the fermenter with a German-style hefeweizen yeast. This time consuming process means we can only make limited amounts of Short Weisse beers.”
  • Chaos Mountain Agents of Chaos, Aged on Cherries: Another limited edition bottling, only 30 cases were bottled. A Belgian special dark ale, full of dark fruit and caramel notes, rested in a barrel with cherries … it does not disappoint. Super delicious and ready to help you through the last few days of winter before spring finally arrives for good!
  • Hardywood Raspberry Stout: Okay, so everyone is not a cherry fan … what about raspberries? “Brewed with heaps of chocolate malt, cacao nibs, and local, late season red raspberries from Agriberry Farm, Hardywood Raspberry Stout captures the essence of a decadent raspberry truffle in liquid form. A beguiling ale, this stout’s enticing cocoa aromatics build to a flavorful crescendo of full bodied dark chocolate, subsiding with a pleasantly sweet, tart raspberry jam laced finish.”
  • Abita Strawberry Lager: But, what if you aren’t looking for a dark beer? Well, then try this one … A lager brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and Vanguard hops. Real Louisiana strawberry juice is added after filtration resulting in a crisp lager with a sweet strawberry flavor, aroma and haze. Perfect for a picnic, with dessert, or with fresh cheeses.

Don’t see something here that strikes your fancy? Come in and look around, new beers are arriving regularly!

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