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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings:

Thanksgiving is a celebration and so many people spend a lot of time trying to find a single wine that will match everything on the table. Thanksgiving is a celebration of food and with that comes a diverse feast that makes wine pairing difficult! So, stop worrying about the perfect pairing and celebrate because it is the perfect time to enjoy those wines that you don’t the rest of the year …

Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2016 is on November 17 and what better celebration of the harvest than to greet your guests with a glass of Nouveau when they arrive! Served it slightly chilled or warmed and spiced, depending on the weather. Then once everyone has settled in and shed the stresses of everyday life, pop some bubbles! While our manager’s preference is for Grower Champage, you may prefer English Sparkling, or something more budget friendly, it is perfect with any type of appetizers, even if they are just some potato chips or french fries. Then, once the meal arrives, don’t limit yourself to a single type of wine, its a feast! Slap down a couple of glasses and and expand the flavor potential exponentially by pouring every one a little red, white and, even rose to enjoy. There is room on the table for most any wine (with the one exception of really high alcohol and high tannin reds … that is the one style that I would recommend you avoid) and be creative.

Oh, and don’t forget dessert! Ice wine, Sauternes, and other sweet wines are ideal pairings for the army of Thanksgiving pies, cakes, and chocolates that are marshaled for the table.

Don’t forget that we can special order many items for your Thanksgiving menu, let us know how we can help! (Please note that many special orders may take up to a week to process and arrive, so allow plenty of time before Thanksgiving.)

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