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A Gift That Keeps on Giving:

Are you looking for a gift that is more than a one time surprise? Something that keeps exciting the receiver over-and-over throughout the year? Does your friend or loved one enjoy wine? Then, a subscription to the Crystal City Wine Shop Wine Club could be the perfect gift!

Here at the Crystal City Wine Shop, we have the good fortune to taste hundreds of amazing wines every year and if we stocked every one that we loved on our shelves, they would groan under the weight! So, the Wine Club is a way for us to share¬†those wines that we love but can’t fit onto our shelves easily.

Every month, the staff at the Shop hand selects a pair of wines for members of the Wine Club. The wines will generally be one white and one red, with the occasional bottle of sparkling, rose, or sweet wine selected as part of the allocation. Additionally, we offer Wine Club members discounts and opportunities to purchase wine they love at pricing that they cannot find anywhere else!

For more information and to purchase a subscription, click here.

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