It is with great excitement that we introduce you to The Variant, the first ever release in Schlafly’s Ibex Rare series. At only 5,000 bottles produced, this is easily the rarest beer that Schlafly has produced.

The Ibex Rare series is Schlafly’s no-holds-barred approach to brewing beer. These beers will be few and far between because they take time and effort to craft.

Here’s what Schlafly has to say about The Variant:

The artistry, ingenuity, and passion for the craft brewing industry that lives and breathes in the walls of the Schlafly Tap Room is exemplified in this beer, The Variant.  This rich stout is the result of an extensive brewing process that incorporates blending and barrel-aging. While some of this beauty rested in port barrels, deep within the Ibex Cellar, other amounts spent time alongside some of the finest cocoa nibs we could get our hands on.  The outcome is a beer that boasts extraordinary flavor, a body of velvet, and a color that will have you doing triple takes.  With a liquid this divine, we knew we couldn’t put it into anything ordinary.  The bottle’s elegant, seductive appearance provides The Variant with a look and feel that match the nectar inside.

We were lucky to get a case of this very special beer and are limiting it to one per customer, while supplies last! Come get this anticipated release that exemplifies the skill and attention that the Schlafly team delivers.

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