Slo Down Send Nudes Pinot Noir

This 2020 Pinot Noir expresses Bing cherry and fresh violet on the nose while stone fruit, tea leaves and delicate cinnamon dance across the pallet. Neutral oak keeps this wine fresh as F*&% with a slight crunch…This wine goes great with late night booty texts to the EX.


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SLO Down Wines started with 93 cases and a dream. Almost a decade later, we’re still shaking things up and blurring the line between what is and isn’t socially acceptable. We couldn’t do this without people like you who are tired of the same old wine scene and just want to drink for the pleasure of it.

ABV 14%
TA 5.3 g/L
PH 3.8
Brix 24

Winemaker – Brandon Allen 707.948.7146


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