Astobiza Vermouth

Best Semi-Sweet Vermouth in the World for 2021!


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Named best semi-sweet vermouth in the world in 2021 by the annual World Vermouth Awards!

This Basque bodega, known for its high-quality wines, explains the “secret” to their product:

“This is the first vermouth in the world made from the Ondarrabi Zure white wine grape, collected by hand at the Astobiza Vineyard; to it we add the cereal alcohol with juniper from our London Dry Gin (best gin in Spain in 2020 in the World Gin Awards), and adjust its mellowness through grape must, and macerate diverse botanicals selected with great care with different times.  Among them, the presence of absinthe and local citrus stand out.

The concept of vermouth comes from Damajuana Nº. 3, of the 12 Damajuanas that we’ve used to create hundreds of trial tastings by the Astobiza team over the past few years.  The goal to reach: balancing bitterness and acidity on a long, clean, and fresh palate, maintaining the Atlantic character of the wines we craft and at the same time maintaining the gastronomic profile that characterizes us.

The controlled maceration of the secret botanicals is divided among citrus, herbal, and bitter.”


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