We have a packed November of tastings for you! We’ve got local breweries, top-notch winemakers, and more to fill your glass during the holidays.

We love to do tasting here at the Crystal City Wine Shop because we can talk all day about a wine, but until you taste it, you never really know whether you love it or not! Plus, when we can have special guests behind our Tasting Bar, that is even better, and this month is extra special because of some of the people that will be behind that bar…

The Tastings:

  • Nov 1st, 5-7p: Staff Selection Beer Tasting
  • Nov 2nd, 5-7p: Thanksgiving Wines with McLean & Free Run Wine Merchants
  • Nov 5th, 5-7p: Stephen Hagen from Antiquum Farm [Winemaker Tasting]
  • Nov 8th, 5-7p: Devils Backbone Brewing with Nat
  • Nov 9th, 5-7p: Spain & Portuguese for Thanksgiving with Josh & Salveto
  • Nov 10th, 2-6p: Holger Breit from Manfred Breit [Winemaker Tasting]
  • Nov 13th, 5-7p: Cider Tasting TBC
  • Nov 15th, 5-7p: Beer, It’s What for Thanksgiving!
  • Nov 16th, 5-7p: Holiday Wines with Jenalyn & Country Vintner
  • Nov 17th, 2-6p: Staff Pick Tasting
  • Nov 23rd, 5-7p: Black Friday with Bravo
  • Nov 24th, 3-6p: Natural Wine with Pipette Editor, Rachel Signer
  • Nov 29th, 5-7p: Starr Hill’s Chocolate Box is here!
  • Nov 30th, 5-7p: Celebrate the Season with Old Town Cellars

Keep an eye on our calendar and social media for more information about these tastings, new products, and other happenings around the Shop! You can also signup for our newsletter.


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