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Recommendations for the Alabama vs Clemson National Championship Game:

Could the sequel be better than last year’s game? Will Alabama win again this year? Or will Clemson win its first title since 1981? Here’s what you need to know about the game, which kicks off at 8pm, coincidentally when we close up for the night! So, stop by beforehand to grab those game night essentials!

  • Route 11 Mama Zuma’s Revenge Potato Chips: Hot enough to satisfy most chili-fiends but still acceptable for most people. Mama Zuma’s Revenge is a fiery blend of a habanero mash and our classic barbeque. True to the nature of the habanero, with your first crunch there’s a delay that allows you to taste the delicious flavors. But within seconds, the incendiary habanero backdraft will light you up!! ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE. If they are too hot, we have Chesapeake Crab, Dill Pickle, and Lightly Salted to satisfy your cravings!
  • Heritage Brewing Revolution Growler: “All it takes is a small spark to start a fire. All it took was one idea to start a Revolution. It was the idea of a free democracy that started the Revolution in the British Colonies we now call America. Brewed with the spark of a free nation in mind, Revolution is the beer to make everyone a believer. A malty amber ale brewed with organic oranges, Revolution gives notes of caramel and rye toast with a smooth, lingering finish. An all season favorite, this brew is sure to make you a member of the Revolution.” 5.6% ABV, 41 IBU
  • Virginia Peanuts: We got Virginia peanuts in several sizes, mixes, and flavors! Perfect accompaniment for your football night spread.
  • Sweetwater Dank Tank Pulled Porter: A bacon-smoke flavored porter, what more could you ask for with National Championship football when the weather is so cold outside? “Knock knock – who’s there? It’s McDanko’s inbred neighbor, Gert Reynolds, swinging by delivering his deliverance with some fat back here and some fat back there. Stepping out past some Foxy brothers picking a banjo on the porch to sample his wares, McDanko, doubled over the chopping block and squealed like a pig – wieii wieii – proclaiming this to be the most bodacious bacon beer brewed this side of the Chattoog-a!” 7.7% ABV, 27 IBU
  • Gruet Demi-Sec NV: Finally, you will need some bubbles to celebrate when your team wins or to drown your sorrows in when your team loses. So, why not pick up some great American sweet bubbles from New Mexico! Gruet’s Demi Sec is a lovely sweeter style with notes of peaches in a honey-like sweetness that prevents it from being too dry. It will be perfect to quench a thirst after yelling for your favorite team tonight.

If these are not what you are looking for, stop by and let us help you find the perfect bottle of beer, cider, or wine to go with your enjoyment of tonight’s National Championship game!

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