I just returned from a weekend in New York and a day at Raw Wine! It was awesome, full of cool wines, great people, and chances to bring some of those things back to Crystal City for you …

The wines shown at Raw Wine had to meet the following criteria:

  • Fully organic and/or biodynamic;
  • All hand-harvested grapes;
  • No added yeasts, except for secondary fermentation of sparkling wines;
  • No other winemaking additives (and every wine had less than 70 mg/l of sulfites total);
  • No heavily manipulated wines using winemaking gadgetry;
  • No sterile filtration (and other filtering methods were listed);
  • And several other technical criteria to ensure that they are natural, artisan products that meet the fair’s Charter of Quality.

The vast majority of the wines at Raw Wine are not available in Virginia, DC, or anywhere outside of the fair! The Crystal City Wine Shop will always be your family-owned neighborhood bottle shop, but this trip was part of the changes that have been afoot since this summer at the Shop. One of the largest of those has been the gradual expansion of our selection of natural, organic, biodynamic, and raw wines. If you have any questions about any of those or other sustainably labeled wine, feel free to drop us a line or stop by the Shop for a chat!

This Week’s Schedule:

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