It is getting very close to Valentine’s Day! And, we are working to had to make it a happy Valentine’s Day for everyone … whether you are looking for craft beer, wine, cider, or chocolate, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • If you are looking for a great bottle of sparkling to celebrate with, we have a bunch of cool and interesting options for you! You could go biodynamic from Meinklanga little funky from Napa, or explore our selection of grower and small house Champagne.
  • Dolcetto means “little sweet one” in Italian but don’t let that fool you, Chiara Boschis makes a serious Dolcetto d’Alba that, if you missed it this last week on the Tasting Bar, is definitely worth the price! One of the best we’ve had, from one of the top producers in the Langhe, and a steal at the price!
  • Chocolate and wine pairings are a tough thing to master, but we were lucky and had Rob Kingsbury stop by a couple of weeks ago! The pairs are still as great now as they were then! So, whether you like sweet or savory, bubbly or dry, there is a pairing for you …
  • Love chocolate but want beer? Then grab a Box of Chocolates from Starr Hill! A great treat for that craft beer lover in your life.

This Week’s Schedule:

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