While fall doesn’t technically start until September 22, the weather has definitely made us start to think autumn thoughts! Whether it is pumpkin beers or hearty reds, as the weather turns, what we drink moves toward the more robust end of the spectrum. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to pick up next time you are in the Shop:

  • Look for anything with Grenache or Garnacha in it. It will range from rustic and leathery to vanilla and fruity. It has brilliant, sweet, red fruit flavors and will match up well to many fall dishes (think squash).
  • Sicilian wines are great! Frappato is an explosion of candied cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry. It also has plenty of secondary savory and floral notes. This is a great, low-alcohol, lunch-time wine that would work great paired with a burger. If you like Pinot Noir, try Nerello Mascalese, especially those from Mount Etna with their distinctive smoky volcanic aroma and fruity-flowery cherry, plummy, rose, and violet nose. Generally sweet and plush, but with a nice minerality, leather, cocoa, and spiceiness.
  • Viognier is a perfect fall white with its rich floral nose and bolder weight. It ranges from lighter flavors of citrus and mango to creamy vanilla and baking spices. Try it with roasted chicken or guinea fowl, lemon, herbs, and potatoes for a lovely fall meal!
  • Full-bodied rosé is a perfect accompaniment to change of seasons! Something, like a nice Tavel, that has fulsome fruit that will remind you of summer and is robust enough to deal with the hearty food of fall is an ideal transitional wine.

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