If we say “the Champagne of Beers,” you probably think Miller High Life! Yet, brewers have been working on newer styles of beer to compete with sparkling wine.

This is a new and very interesting style of beer, these brews were originally conceived by Belgian brewers and are a great top-shelf/special occasion beer. Some varieties of the style are processed like a Champagne with lengthy, labor-intensive secondary fermentations, cave-aging, and dégorgement — where yeast is removed from the conditioned beer. Some are even sent to Champagne for the process!

The result is a beer that is delicate, dry, and very effervescent. They showcase complex fermentation flavors and have amplified alcohol content, generally in the 10-14% ABV range. They presented in 750ml champagne-style corked and caged bottles.

Today, they are being brewed in Belgium and in the United States.

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