Von Buhl Bone Dry Riesling

According to the German wine law, dry can be up to 9 grams of residual sugar. But that‘s not really dry…This is truly DRY riesling with only .5g/l residual sugar. It’s racy and lively with flavors of stone fruit and citrus and an incredible mineral component.


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Region: Pfalz

Since its founding in 1849, Reichsrat von Buhl has stood for some of the noblest Riesling from the best vineyards of Mittelhaardt. We are more than ever committed to this tradition and see it as a quality promise. Born of the Jordan’schen division that distributed the vineyards of Andreas Jordan to his children Ludwig Andreas, Josephine and Margaret, Reichsrat von Buhl grew by the marriage of Armand Buhl to Juliane Schellhorn Wallbillish, the daughter of a Forster winemaker. After the death of the childless Frieda von Buhl, the winery passed to George Enoch von und zu Guttenberg. From 1989 to 2013 the winery was leased, During the time of the lease it was sold to Achim Niederberger who set up a new team to run his estate in 2013.This is a very brief summary of the long and exciting history of Reichsrat von Buhl.

When you visit us, you will feel the winds of renewal blowing everywhere on the grounds of Buhl, in the buildings and vineyards. Von Buhl remains stylistically Von Buhl, which was important to us from the beginning. Our wines are vinified to reflect their origins, in a timeless style, which is interpreted cautiously and respectfully by our new winemaker and technical director Mathieu Kauffmann. A new chapter in the history of Reichsrat von Buhl has begun.


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