Troddenvale Countryside Farm Still Cider 500ml

This series focuses on expression of single orchard ciders. The Orchard site is Countryside Farm & Nursery, located in the heart of the Shenandoah valley. Raul and his wife Mary focus most of their energy on feeding the growing cider industry with young trees. What limited quantities of fruit they grow is highly coveted.


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69 cases produced, Alc. 8.5% by Volume, 500mL

50% Harrison, 23% White Winter Pearmain, 15% Smith’s Cider, 12% Pomme Gris

Fruit was picked at varying stages during September and October and pressed directly to a mix of neutral French and American oak barrels after fruit sweated for a month. After completing a native primary fermentation, this cider sat undisturbed in barrel for nine months. In August of 2020, the barrels were racked off their gross and fine lees, blended in tank, and bottle sparkling via traditional method without disgorgement. Bottles were rested for an additional nine months before releasing. No additions of SO2 were made at any stage of the cider.

Our choice to work with Raul and Mary’s orchard came naturally as they have played an integral role in getting our own orchards established over the past few years. In 2018, Raul hesitantly offered to sell us some of his first fruit his young orchard, worrying the quantities would not be enough. Ironically the few bins of Harrison and VHC were more than we had ever bought. In 2019, we were excited to see new varieties yield their first fruit, shifting this Grower Series bottling from a single varietal to more of a “field blend”. The most noticeable new contribution is that of White Winter Pearmain’s femininity. When pressed, its juice runs pale and fragrant, high in contrast to Harrison’s dark and concentrated juice.

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