Tenuta l’Armonia ‘Frizzi Pop’ Sparkling White

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Frizzi is a naturally refermented sparkling wine that is bursting with fresh and crunchy bubbles. Crafted from a blend of Pinot Noir, Durello, and skin-contact Pinot Blanc grapes, this wine boasts a unique flavor profile that is perfect for any occasion. Frizzi is best enjoyed with a pairing of bread and salami, which complement its distinct flavors and textures. Sourced from volcanic soil with basalt, Frizzi has a wonderful character that is perfectly balanced by its effervescence. With a recommended service temperature of 10°C, Frizzi is the perfect wine to enjoy chilled, any time of day. Try this delicious natural sparkling wine today and experience the pure, unadulterated flavors of Frizzi.

Tenuta l’Armonia is an agricultural project born in 2010 in Vicenza province, on the hills of Montecchio Maggiore. The aim is to enhance traditional grapes cultivated on 3 volcanic terroirs, according to the 3 principles of production.
There’s 8 wines in total, which tell every side of our terroir together with other quality agricultural products.
The expressiveness and the tension of the wine in the glass is the product of a meticulous agricultural work. It follows the needs of the different terroirs in order to achieve the desired goals. Our cellar has always been focused on autoctonous varieties.
We apply many different agronomical practices, which are respectful and conscious of the natural necessities of the plants and of the soil, without using chemical products.
Organic and biodynamic principles are at the base of our agricultural view, but are also projected onto respectful modern practices.


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