Stolpman La Croce 2012 (Syrah/Sangio)


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One of Stolpman’s most unique wines, La Croce is a 50-50 co-fermentation of Syrah and Sangiovese. These grapes that make this wine are planted side-by-side in high-density blocks specifically to make this blend. The low yields and vine competition create maximum vibrancy and concentration. The result of the growing, picking, and fermentation together: one beautifully integrated red that takes on character of its own rather than elements of the individual varietals.

It’s a massive wine that has aged well. It is earthy and serious but will reward those that love that in their wine with bordelaise character and fruit that is still hanging in there.

Bottled on 15 June 2014

Released 1 Oct 2014

750 total case production


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