Nettle Meadow Fromage Blanc Goat Cheese 5oz.


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From the Producer:

Fromage Blanc
A delightful unsalted, fresh goat’s milk cheese.
NETTLE MEADOW CHEVRES AND FROMAGE BLANCS are creamy, flavorful and delightful in both sweet and savory
flavors. These are yet another form of Nettle Meadow’s truly Artisan cheese – made, mixed and packed in small batches. Nettle Meadow is first and foremost a farm
and animal sanctuary, home to hundreds of goats and sheep who contribute daily to so many of our wonderful cheeses. Available in several great flavors including Lightly Salted, Mixed Herbs, Garlic and Oil, Maple, and Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc (Silver Sofi Winner, and New York State Fair Award of Excellence, 2018)


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