La Grazia Scintilla Rosso di Valtellina

Ruby-red. The nose reveals fruity and floral finesse (wild violet and unripe hazelnut). In the mouth: medium body, not strong but balanced with persistent tannins, savory.


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Vineyards in the DOCG area of the Tirano Municipality are located in the heart of the coastal area, at altitudes of 450/550 meters above sea level and are characterized by spectacular stonewall terraces and unique “murache”.

These granite rock masses, removed from the soil to make room for vineyards many years ago, are positioned along the edge of the terrace. The Nebbiolo – Chiavennasca variety is planted in the small amounts of soil at the foot of these masses: ancient, even centuries-old vines which ripen grapes rested on stones, for more intense solar radiation.

“Murache” grapes are smaller, present a slightly more intense colour and ripen just before the rest of the vine field. The bunches are harvested and placed into crates a few days before the remaining nebbiolo. They are then taken to drying facilities and are slightly raisined over a period of 30 – 40 days, to further enrich and concentrate their juices.


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