Carol Shelton Coquille Rouge


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The red wines of the Rhône Valley were the inspiration for this blend, in which Carignane and Grenache Noir bring tangy red fruit, Mourvèdre fills in with savory gaminess, Alicante Bouschet adds spicy blueberry fruit (and color!), and Petite Sirah gives peppery backbone. These century vines in Oakley in the sands on the San Joaquin delta demonstrate the true meaning of teamwork, producing a rich and spicy mouthful of deliciousness.

Coquille is pronounced “ko-keel” and it is French for shellfish or scallop, like the scallop shells on the Shelton family coat of arms.

34% Mourvèdre
20% Carignane
20% Petite Sirah
13% Grenache Noir
13% Alicante Bouschet


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