Bluet Sparkling Blueberry 4/250ml

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Four (4) pack of 250ml cans.

Made from 100% Maine wild blueberries – two pounds in every bottle. Wild blueberries have twice the antioxidants of “grocery store” hybridized blueberries, and great natural acidity. Bluet is a bone dry wine of moderate alcohol with nothing added other than yeast and the liqueur de tirage to produce effervescence. It is made using the Charmat Method.

Bluet tastes like wild blueberries yet is not a blueberry jam sweet wine. It defies expectations, offers vivid fresh berry aromas, and lives in a world between cider and fine wine. It is naturally well balanced and refreshing. The bright acidity and bubbles work nicely with salt and fat.

A chilled glass of Bluet makes a fine dry apéritif on its own but as the foundation of a sparkling cocktail, Bluet has an affinity for a variety of ingredients. Try it in a French 75 or mixed 4 to 1 with triple sec over crushed ice and a sprig of mint, or give it an old-fashioned treatment with rye whiskey, simple syrup and bitters. If you can get your hands on some mead, pour over ice, squash a lemon and float Bluet on top for a perfect peak-of-summer drink.

7% alcohol.


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