Southern Belle Jumilla Red Wine

A meal at Blackberry Farm yielded a handshake agreement and an unlikely pairing.
20 years later, Southern Belle tells the story of what happens when red wine meets Pappy Van Winkle barrels.


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In 2001, Julian Van Winkle of the world famous Pappy Van Winkle brand shared a meal with his friend, wine producer Dan Phillips.  A few drinks later, the two agreed, “Let’s do something together”.  In 2005, the first vintage of this pact, a barrel of Dan’s wine in an old Pappy barrel was born.  20 years later Southern Belle is still aged in old Pappy barrels and now, it’s available at Crystal City Wine!

Region: Murcia
Blend: Syrah and Mourvedre
Vines: Old Vines (60-80 years old.) 100% Vitis Vinifera (ungrafted)
Trellis: Bush Vines, head trained
Soils: Tertiary Age, Sandy, Pliocene clay subsoils
Yields: 10-20 hl/ha
Winemaker: Oriol Illa
Alcohol: 15.5%


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