So Fresh Love You Bunches Orange

Grapes natively ferment whole, un-crushed, for a delicately high-toned profile. Harvested early for lighter mouthfeel and higher acidity, wines go to bottle early to capture purity and freshness without added sulfur.


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As Stolpman expanded their carbonic So Fresh brand to include deeper hues of red, they began to think about the other direction on the rainbow, how could we make an interesting, delicious wine a lighter hue than Love You Bunches Carbonic Sangiovese? The obvious answer was a carbonic orange wine that would combine the fresh purity of Love You Bunches with the titillating textures of a fleshy orange wine.  Tasting each varietal every day, across the board, they pressed each varietal after 6 days of carbonic fermentation and let the wines finish fermenting in tank.  The pun “Love You Bunches” refers to the gentle treatment of each grape bunch so they don’t rupture grapes.  The grapes then ferment whole, when yeast penetrate through the grape skins to ferment within.  The term “carbonic” describes fermentation occurring in a sealed tank.  The yeast have digest all available oxygen, creating carbon dioxide within.

The 2020 vintage started with much needed late rain in March and April.  The cold moisture pushed back bud break and set up an anticipated late harvest.  Ripening then accelerated after late season heat waves.  Luckily, the 3 varietals used in Love You Bunches Orange were not close to ripeness approaching the major Labor Day weekend heatwave that peaked on September 6th.  They gave the Pinot Gris vines a week to recover before picking the following Sunday, the next Saturday for the Orange Muscat, and a week later for Mourvedre.

Popping tangerine and tangerine peel jump out of the glass complimented by inviting tropical guava and passion fruit.  These driving fresh fruits come from the Orange Muscat and then the darker hued Pinot Gris delivers savory tactile notes and lends depth and weight.  The Mourvedre further cushions the mouthfeel and adds a more serious earthy component.

2020 is the first vintage of this wine!


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