Matic Rose Mea Blaufrankisch Pet Nat

Matic Wines Mea Pet Nat Rose has touches of apple, hints of fresh orange and pear. This pet nat has a really well-integrated acidity and an elegant lemony minerality with hints of cherry and bubblegum. This wine is really where Matic let loose! His personality is all over this wine – a little funky, and when you dig deep enough, dead serious. Please be warned, it’s very lively!

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Gently destemmed and 48-hour skin contact. Grapes are then pressed and this pure grape juice transferred to tanks, after nature sedimentation. Fermentation in stainless steel with wild yeast to maximize the fruit character. Moved from tank to bottle, by gravity, then fermentation continues in the bottle and wine become naturally sparkling. Making that wine is a funky piece of winemaking. It is artisanal style of winemaking which produces high quality natural wine.

Coming from the predominantly white wine region of Štajerska, the extreme northeastern portion of Slovenia (near the borders with Austria and Hungary), Matic Wines is Matija Žerjav, know simply as Matic to his friends and family. Matic farms his 9 hectares of land using all organic and biodynamic methods. He prefers these methods less because of the fashion of natural and organic winemaking and more because he firmly believes this is how wine should be made. Matic is a young, motivated, and thoughtful winemaker. He is part of a younger generation of winemakers not satisfied with the status quo. While he understands and respects the history and methods passed down from his grandfather, he is also not afraid to take chances and think outside the box, which is why he produces some of the best Slovenian wines.

In a region known for their steely fresh white wines, Matic thought to produce a single barrel each of Chardonnay and Laški Rizling. His work paid off as the wines sold out very quickly. He’s also begun experimenting with skin contact wines and ageing wines in clay amphora rather than the traditional steel or wood. We’re excited to see where these ideas lead him.


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