Johan Melon de Bourgogne Pet Nat

After a brief maceration on the skins, extracting phenolics and golden gifts from the ripe skin, we slowly fermented the juice in tank, bottling by hand unfiltered, unfined, and without sulfites. The wine is evocative of the sweet and luscious qualities of mandarin and clementine. Yeasty aromatics give way to notes of citrus, not unlike your favorite mimosa.


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2019 was our third vintage producing Pét-Nat with Melon de Bourgogne. Each vintage we build a greater understanding of the idiosyncrasies of each wine we produce from each variety we farm. In 2019, we decided to release this without disgorgement, much like we do with our Pét-Nat of Pinot Noir. The resulting wine is unbridled yet soft, an unapologetically expressive Pét-Nat to say the least.


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