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Indwe is the Xhosa name for the Blue Crane, also called the Stanley Crane or Paradise Crane. It is South Africa’s national bird and is almost exclusively endemic to South Africa (an estimated 20-25 birds are found in Namibia).

The Indwe is highly revered culturally – its feathers and regalia can only be worn by the Zulu king and royalty.

The Blue Crane has a vulnerable status on the global red list; its population today is only half of what it was in the 1970’s. The species faces threats from climate change, as well as illegal trade, domestication and habitat loss. Kysela has partnered with the International Crane Foundation and Endangered Wildlife Trust, donating proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Indwe Pinotage to help support their conservation efforts.

Indwe Pinotage offers an array of red cherry and bright plum flavors that follow though on an elegant palate with smooth tannins and a juicy finish.

Appellation:  Coastal Region – Swartland

Age of vines: 2 –18 years old, trellised vines

Vinification: Cold-soaked overnight. Inoculated with selected yeast. Fermentation temperature remained between 24 -26 degrees Celsius. Regular pump-overs were performed during fermentation. Different batches of un-oaked wine, were carefully blended to perfection to achieve a light, bright, modern style of 100% Pinotage.


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