Artevani Saperavi Organic Dry Red

About the Wine:

Dry Red, 100% Saperavi


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About the WInery:

The ART MTEVANI Winemaking Company was founded in 2005, When Mr. Paata
Sardalishvili acquired ownershio of land’s area of 30 hectares in one of the most attractive wine. growing regions of the world – Kakheti, Georgia – the country which is considered historica place of origin of winemaking
The vineyard is situated in picturesque location- the village of Gremi, surrounded by mountains torest and river with crvsta clear water

Natural and climatic conditions or the location ana carerul selection or vines helped us to create a vineyard that meets all the requirements and principles of natural winemaking. Terroir is a unique combination of different factors: grape variety, vineyard location, characteristics and combosition of solls. climatic indicators of each vear.

ARTEVANI is a terroir craft wine created with single-vineyard grapes. We are trying to convey the teatures of the land on which the grapes were grown in flavour and taste of wine and maximize characteristics or Saperavl arabes Which is a traditional varletv tor this terroll.

Our terroir wine is born on the vineyard, not on the cellar. Master of wine just make subtlecorrections to what the nature have already created. At all stages of the production of terroir wines, we pay special attention to detail that ensures the highest quality of wine being produced in limited quantities.


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